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Our Story

When you mix three friends with over 20 years of combined volunteer experience, a love of dogs, a passion for plants,  and a twisted sense of get Bulbs Deep! 


Their idea for this unique business stems (pun intended) from their experience working at a local thrift store supporting a no-kill animal shelter. They witnessed the excitement families felt when bringing home new furry family members. One of the friends (we shall call him Brian) said, "I feel that way when I get a new plant!" In that moment, we all simultaneously wondered what if we could bring that same joy and excitement to others through plants. Yes, plants!


We all know a "cat person" and "dog person" but what about a PLANT PERSON? Do they exist? Yes, they do!  The wheels started churning and the concept of Bulbs Deep sprung to life. Bringing together our unique skills and talents, sprinkled with some herbivore humor and lots of laughter, we've created the perfect space for plant enthusiasts. Bulbs Deep offers botanicals with an edge.


Our vision is to cultivate a joy and excitement for plant adoption through humor and love. Let's grow something wonderful together!

Bulbs Deep Founders (L-R):  Jim, Gina and Brian

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